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Bio: Megan Van Petten

Megan Van Petten empowers employees, entrepreneurs, and leaders all over North America to motivate change in themselves and their community. Megan is a dynamic personality, keynote speaker, and author, currently writing a series of inspirational books expected to be released in the Spring of 2018. Having worked in association management directly out of college, Megan Van Petten has dedicated her life to serving her community and inspiring others to find their way. This passion has brought her to center stage to share her story with audiences and give them invaluable insight and tips on how to leverage one’s passions to bring value to themselves and their communities.

Megan is one of the leaders in self-expression and leadership through the Landmark Forum and holds a Masters degree in Industrial Organizational Psychology. However, Megan’s proudest moment has been becoming a Board Member for the Oak-Leyden Developmental Services, serving children and adults with developmental disabilities. Megan believes that the key to inspiring oneself stems from helping others, and she is on a mission to bring out the self-confidence and self-awareness in each and every audience member needed to transform them into their best self.

Speaking Topics

Breaking Barriers

When we are children we dream big, we let our imagination fly and our plans know no stopping. As we grow older and things happen in life, good or bad, we tend to narrow the scope of what we are up to. Yes, we might still have those big dreams, but we find ourselves faced with barriers and obstacles, which are imposed by life.

Barriers may come in different shapes and forms, could be presented by others, be self-imposed, or we can view them as "this is how things are". In this topic we want to look at how to identify those barriers and engage in self-exploration of how to overcome them.

Learn how the courage to follow through, take chances and create empowering context can alter your view and experience of the barriers.

Leveraging Your Past & Creating an Extraordinary Life

This seminar will benefit everyone. All of our experiences, positive and negative, have shaped us into who we are today. These formative moments in life are the greatest tools in which we can build and manifest our desires from. There is no need to compare or look outside ourselves. By looking into our past and re-framing our lives with a non-judgemental perspective, we can use this knowledge as a catalyst towards stepping into the positive future we’ve envisioned.

This talk will provide a clear guideline on how to use these tools to leverage your past and create a truly extraordinary life

Women: We Can Have It All

... And Nothing Has to Give!

What is it like to be a woman in our current society? It seems that same doors and opportunities are open to women as to men: to be successful, self-expressed, to be a leader, to have a family. Women can have it all, but at the end we call those who can encompass all of those things into one life - Super Women. As a society we don't think twice about a successful businessman, who plays a competitive sport and has a family with two kids - great, but nothing out of the ordinary. If a woman is in the same position, and is successful in multiple areas of life simultaneously - it warrants an admirable pause and perhaps some applauses. It's out of the norm. It's something possible for only selected few. It's just too much to juggle. The bottom line is that many women themselves don't see an access to Having It All.

This talk examines the sources of these limitations that we, women, put on our lives. How do we choose what to sacrifice in order to excel in the areas of life that are important to us? This presentation will point out tools and strategies that will shift the context around what is possible, and how to live a fulfilled successful life where a Woman Can Have It All!

Let's Shine


What impact does your life have on the world around you? Are your success, your happiness and your shortcomings rolled into one? This presentation help you take ownership of your happiness in your life...

Stress Less

How do you to reduce stress in your life? It’s about time and how you manage it. How to have it all by being successful in your career and at home and still have time for yourself. It’s time to lower and reduce the stress you currently and manage it.


How motivation and confidence will improve the quality of your life and help you achieve your goals.

Goal Setting

What do you truly desire? It’s time to prepare a roadmap for your achievement and success. Make those dreams a reality.

Get out of that Rut!

No matter what the situation is if you are ready to break free, be accountable and explore where you might be stuck or struggling, so you can move forward confidently!

Spiritual Topic The Cover-Up

Surveys show that every week nearly 100% of Christian has profound burdens, hurts, habits, and hang-ups. Coping can cripple even the strongest faith. We all long for the troubles not to hang over our heads, but how? Society dictates that we “have it together.” So we put on a smile and go through the day while hiding our turn feelings. Learn how to open up and free the soul.

Get Organized Ready, Set Go!

Where do you start? Home is where the heart is, so that is a neutral place to start. Organization at work will relive your daily burdens and open up your process to get more done in a shorter period of time. Learn to develop the tools necessary to live a more organized life. These tools will teach you how fun and easy to incorporate organization into your life. Organize your life to a successful career and at home have time to enjoy yourself and family.

Meet and Date More People

Relationships start by truly understanding one’s self and knowing what you want and need form a connection. You have to be 100% committed to yourself, and the rest will fall into place. A little confidence and self-esteem go a long way.


A lot of people have difficulties with their relationships. While more couples may be getting divorced and friendships may be falling-out, many opt to take steps to strengthen their existing relationships; the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. How do you keep a relationship healthy and even strengthen it? Through effective communication, listening, patience, understanding, respect, intimacy, and quality time.

Other Topics

The Past is necessary for the journey to continue, unwelcomed events are what makes us all stronger and grow into the people we untimely become.
Are you a planner or live by the seat of your pants? In the end, it doesn’t matter because you can’t control what life will bring you…sometimes good, sometimes bad. You could make every decision in your life right, and bad things will still happen along with heartache and pain. It’s impossible to control what life will bring to you, but it’s not impossible to make all that life has to offer good, by embracing the past and leveraging form the good and bad days. So live your days not with worry, but with knowing no matter what crosses your path it happens for a reason, and that reason will make you a and stronger person.
Past events in our life help guide and inspire us to future happenings. The object is to leverage the past good and bad to guide us towards the future. It all starts with awareness of what has happened in the past that can make us grow.
Everything that happens to us let it be positive or negative provides us with experiences. It depends how we leverage wins, losses, success, failures, victories, and defeats? What did we do right what did we do wrong? Those are the questions that we need to ask ourselves to leverage past experiences; the goal is to become an even better “YOU” than you were yesterday.
Happiness is within everyone’s control, and everyone needs to take responsibility for their happiness. Wake up every day with the idea that you are going to created your happinesss and don’t rely on others, for only you can make happiness genuinely happen. Ideas to help achieve happiness. Journal...The Journal exists to inspire you to live a powerful life, one word at a time. Fill your day with things you love…What makes you happy? Taking the dog for a walk, wearing your favorite cozy sweater, the sunrise only you have the answer to that…fill your days with what makes you happy and feel happy. Do something new…New experiences remind us that our life is not over and around every corner happiness awaits it just might be a bit scary at first trying something new. Make every day a win…When you wake up, know the one thing that will make you happy and accomplish it no matter what. Don’t get stopped by your TO DO list, tackle what will make you happy first and let the day fall into place. .
An entrepreneur is a person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on higher than average financial risks to do so. This definition provides little direction or insight into how to thrive as an entrepreneur. Understanding the American dream, it’s about believing in yourself and achieving what you think will make that dream a reality. An entrepreneur wants to make something better ,invents new ways to solve problems, sees change as a good thing and embraces it, loves to learn, has Courage to Commit, sees opportunities in the smallest of ideas and thoughts, are risk takers and are focused when winning or losing.