One only needs to look to various books, publications, or websites to see a great many of opinions on the nature of growth, development and moving forward with your life.

In this Journal, Megan Van Petten challenges us to 30 Days of journaling to create an extraordinary life. This is an invitation to engage with yourself for 30 days to transform your perspective and shape habits to support your vision. Through simple guidance, this Journal will lead to the self-discovery and fulfilling on what you are committed to. Take this challenge to kick start a shift into your next stage in life.

Through the simple guidance of the Journal the reader may find a primer for looking inward and addressing sides of themselves, their goals, dreams and desires. This Journal is also what you make of it, how you interpret it; there is guidance but there is also freedom. We encourage the reader to read the book, at least once, through entirely. And then to go back and take action with the challenge itself. We feel confident that you’ll begin to see yourself and your life in a different light; an empowering light that will illuminate the path to fostering extraordinary living!